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Evaluation board für AEM40940 – RF-harvesting

RF Energy – 868MHz-Version

Menge Rabatt


Evaluation board 40940-868 RF-energy-harvesting

The e-peas AEM40940 evaluation board is a printed circuit board (PCB) featuring all the needed components to operate the AEM40940 integrated circuit (IC). The AEM40940 evaluation board allows users to test the e-peas IC and analyze its performances in a laboratory-like setting.



Key Features:

  • Three two-way screw terminals
    • Low-voltage load
    • High-voltage load
    • Primary energy storage element
  • One three-way screw terminal
    • Energy storage element (battery or (super)capacitor)
  • Two male 50 SMA connectors
    • Connections to the RF source
    • Associated matching network
  • One 2-pin ”Shrouded Header”
    • Alternative connection for the storage element
  • Nine 3-pin headers
    • Maximum power point (MPP) configuration
    • Low drop-out regulators (LDOs) enabling
    • Energy storage elements and LDOs configuration
    • Dual-cell supercapacitor configuration
    • Start-on-battery enabling
  • Two 2-pin headers
    • Primary battery configuration
  • Provision for three resistors
    • ZMPP configuration
    • Primary battery configuration
  • Three 1-pin headers
    • Access to status pins


  • RF harvesting
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Indoor geolocation
  • Home automation
  • E-health monitoring
  • Wireless sensor nodes

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